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Foreword by Wes Moore, Author, "The Other Wes Moore"

.... In Mom’s words, and in the lives she shares in this book, I see

hope. I see unexpected victory. I see the best of us, dressed in struggle.

Worn. Tired. Victorious.

The greatest human gift God gave me was one I did not earn,

nor one I asked for. The greatest gift was that He asked Joy Thomas

Moore to give birth to me. My uneven and complicated journey was

steadied by those beautiful Jamaican hands and the woman who was

willing to give it all for her children. That reality I will never forget nor understate. 

But I know she did not do it alone. She could not

have. The people who surrounded her, and surrounded us, when we

needed it most, helped us through. The goal of this book is to ensure

that our story, which in essence is laced with luck, doesn’t have to

feel exceptional. Nor should the celebration of this book’s author feel

exclusionary; my hope is that it is trendsetting....






Tuesday, October 2, 2018

7:00 pm

In Conversation with Joy Thomas Moore, Shani Moore Weatherby and

Pam Warner (mother of Malcolm-Jamal Warner), Q & A, Signing

Chevalier’s Book Store

126 N. Larchmont Boulevard

Los Angeles, California 90004

Saturday, October 13, 2018

3:00 pm

In Conversation with Joy Thomas Moore 

  and Douglas Nelson, Q & A, Signing

Wisconsin Book Festival

A Room of One’s Own Bookstore

315 W Gorham Street

Madison, WI 53703

Monday, October 22, 2018 

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

An Evening with Susan L. Taylor and Joy Thomas Moore

Cornerstone Baptist Church

700 S. Converse Street

Spartanburg, SC

This is a FREE and Family Friendly event. Amy Wood will moderate the event.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

In Conversation with Ana Veciana Suarez

Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus

300 NE Second Ave., Miami, FL  33132

Building 8, Room 8303

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


University of Arkansas 

Public program followed by Q and A and book signing

Clinton School of Public Service

About The Power of Presence


In THE POWER OF PRESENCE, Joy Thomas Moore explores seven pillars of presence--heart, faith, mind, courage, financial freedom, values, and connectedness--that all parents can use to positively influence their children. Using compelling stories from women who have been there and practical advice on everything from savings accounts to mindfulness, this book is a compassionate look at what it takes to raise great kids even in less than ideal circumstances.


Be a Voice in Your Child’s Ear Even When You’re Not with Them

Available Now At These On-Line Stores:


Barnes & Noble



The Author --- Joy Thomas Moore

Joy Thomas Moore is a Peabody Award winner and President and CEO of JWS Media Consulting. Prior to starting her company, Joy worked for 15 years with the Annie E. Casey Foundation, a private philanthropy dedicated to helping build better futures for disadvantaged children and families in the United States. 

Joy’s connections to a multitude of Foundations and educational associations already make her a presence at national conferences, educational meetings and parent association gatherings. Joy has a unique set of skills communicating the critical issues facing our children. She continues  to inspire parents and reach a new generation of Moms.

What People Are Saying

“I’ve known Joy Moore for more than three decades and have always marveled at her strength, determination and devotion to her children.  Anyone who doesn’t know about Joy’s inspirational journey and how she has turned that hard-earned wisdom into valuable insights for parents is in for a real treat. I guarantee that parents will take away powerful lessons to pass on to their children that will help guide them throughout their lives.”—Geoffrey Canada, educator, author, former President of the Harlem Children’s Zone

“A thoughtful exploration of the ups and downs of single parenthood, with insights on how to help raise thoughtful, caring, contributing children.” —Jackie Bezos, President and Co-Founder, Bezos Family Foundation

“This book speaks to the heart of every parent out there who wants to do their very best in raising their children. The Power of Presence provides an insightful, thought provoking and heart felt road map for helping families make that happen.” —Charlotte Lewellen Williams, University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service Center on Community Philanthropy

What People Are Saying

“Joy Moore has given us a timely and valuable guide to preparing healthy children and young adults. I have worked many years with parents, faculty and others to develop character and cognitive excellence in students, and this book gets to the heart of the matter. At a time when students are claiming their voices in the public square, I celebrate the timely arrival of this gem. Everyone who cares about the future of our neighborhoods and our nation should read this book.” —Robert M. Franklin, President Emeritus, Morehouse College


Celebrities Raised by Single Moms


Adrian Grenier - Adrian grew up not knowing who his father was. Adrian Grenier was raised by his mother, Karesse Grenier, in New York.

Al Pacino - Al Pacino grew up in his grandparents’ home with his mother. After his parents Rose and Salvatore Pacino divorced when he was two years old, Al Pacino lived with his mother in New York, while his father lived in California.

Alex Rodriguez- Alex Rodriguez was abandoned by his father when he was 7.

Alicia Keys - Alicia Keys's parents, Teresa Augello and Craig Cook, divorced when she was two years old, at which point she was raised by her mother in New York.

Anderson Silva - Anderson Silva was raised by his aunt.

Angelina Jolie- Angelina Jolie's parents, Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand, separated when the Mr. and Mrs. Smith actress was an infant. Jolie was raised by her mother and she was estranged from her father for many years.

Barack Obama - President Barack Obama was raised by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, from the time that he was born until he was four years old, when she married Lolo Soetoro.

Barbra Streisand - Barbra Streisand was raised solely by her mother after her father died when the legendary singer was only one year old.

Bill Clinton  - Bill Clinton lost his father in a car accident 3 month before he was born.



Abigail Adams– Wife of the second U.S. President, John Adams, and inspiration to millions of Moms in the United States.

Andrea Engber – If there has ever been a woman who showed men that women can do business just as hard (if not better), Andrea is the single mom who did it.

Annie Leibovitz - renowned portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz became a single mother at age 52 when her lover of 16 years, Susan Sontag, died. Leibovitz later had twin girls via a surrogate.

Barbara Lee – As a US Representative, Barbara is a hero amongst many people in the anti-war movement. As a single mom, Barbara is a hero to everyone.

Barbara Walter – Well known broadcast journalist and television host, Walters is a model of balancing work and personal life and maintaining a professional demeanor in spite of personal circumstances.

Belva Lockwood – A widowed single mother who officially became the first woman to run for U.S. President.

Bette Nesmith Graham  You may not know Bette’s name, but she’s the single mom responsible for inventing liquid paper. She also happens to be the mother of Michael Nesmith, a famous musician who played in the band “The Monkees.”

Beverly DeJulio – Star of the PBS television series, Handy Ma’am. A single mother of 4 DeJulio taught television viewers that just about anyone has the ability to handle home-based challenges. “If you can use a hand mixer,” she said, “you can use a power drill.”

Bridget Moynahan – The actress and model struggled with media reports and a brief frenzy surrounding her relationship with NFL quarterback Tom Brady, but she came out on top. Bridget is a classy and hard- working single mom we are glad to include on the list.

Britney Spears – After all Britney went through as a young pop star, she still fought hard for custody of her children and works every day to be the best single mother she can be.


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